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The Spectra Touch microprocessor control system offers multiple levels of operation from basic controls to full plant system integration. Advanced does pace technology reduces energy costs and extends the lamp life. Intensity and flowrate monitors allow the lamps to adjust automatically…

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Paddock Evacuator

The Paddock Evacuator™ system, manufactured by Paddock Evacuator Company, shall be furnished and installed to source capture airborne chloramines and airborne disinfection byproducts (DBP). The Paddock Evacuator™ tends to inhibit the mixing of chloramine laden air found close to the…

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Delta UV EM Series

Delta UV provides the most advanced technology available for eradication of micro-organisms and chloramine removal. As the world leader in ultraviolet sanitation solutions, Delta UV offers a full product line of NSF-50 certified products for your application (institutional pools such…

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