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Dolphin Wave 140

The Wave 140 is the perfect solution for large university, fitness clubs, YMCA, and resort pools up to 127 feet, including those with beach entry. With a wide cleaning path of 22 inches, this robot excels at floor scrubbing and…

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Dolphin Wave 120

Put the power of two robots to work at once with the Wave 120. Ideal for large universities, YMCAs, and water parks, the Wave 120 provides a complete, comprehensive clean with its highly effective scrubbing and filtering capabilities.

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Dolphin W20

The low profile of the W20 makes this cleaner the perfect solution for shallow water pools such as fountains, reflection pool, and wading pools reaching a minimum depth of 8 inches.

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Dolphin Wave 300

The Wave 300 XL’s top-of-the-line, professional pool cleaning performance meets the challenging requirements of large aquatic facilities. The Wave 300 XL, from Maytronics, is the ideal robotic cleaner for large institutional pools, Olympic facilities, water parks and other sites with…

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Dolphin Wave 100

The Wave 100 is a highly efficient, fully automated cleaner for small to medium sized institutional pools up to 32 X 82 feet. The advanced gyroscopic system ensures accurate scanning for systematic coverage of floor, walls and water-line. The high-capacity…

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Dolphin Wave 200

Get the best value for your pool cleaning budget while gaining uncompromising professional cleaning performance, with the Maytronics Dolphin Wave 200 XL. This revolutionary institutional pool cleaner delivers long-lasting reliability and the best wall-to-wall cleaning in its class. Easy-to-use and…

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