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Design Coordination

New pool construction or renovation project on the horizon? Don’t let equipment selection take a backseat. Our extensive background in maintaining and operating mechanical equipment gives us a unique perspective in choosing an equipment package that’s right for your operation. We will provide all technical specifications and submittals directly to the design firm on your behalf.  Aqua Source will be there to assist your organization with continued staff training and warranty support long after the last piece of construction equipment rolls out of the driveway. Call Aqua Source and find out why so many organizations have relied on us for decades.

Site Surveys

No aquatic facility is the same. With that in mind, our team begins the service process with a complimentary site survey tailored to each location we visit. Our detailed site reports include inspection and evaluation of all mechanical equipment including heaters, pumps, filter system, chemical feed and automation systems, auto fill system and VFD. Not only do we inspect and evaluate all functions, we provide solutions for improved safety, water quality and identify opportunities for operating cost and energy savings. Whether you have a specific issue that needs to be addressed or you are looking for an overall facility evaluation, let us show you why so many aquatic professionals make Aqua Source their first call.


It’s one thing to sell commercial pool equipment. It’s quite another to support that equipment with a team of highly skilled factory trained technicians. At Aqua Source, our technicians spend hundreds of hours every year maintaining and updating their factory certifications. Whether it’s a retrofit or new project, our technicians ensure that installation is performed to manufacturer’s specifications and meets regulatory scrutiny every time. But it doesn’t end there. Your staff receives “hands on” training on site and continued tech support on an ongoing basis. Next time you are considering equipment upgrades or replacement, let us show you how Aqua Source has raised the bar for workmanship and professionalism in the aquatics industry.

Preventative Maintenance

Operating an aquatic facility has many challenges. The last thing a facility operator needs is an unexpected and unbudgeted equipment breakdown. The best way to reduce failures and prolong the life of your equipment is with a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. Aqua Source provides several options for ongoing maintenance of your mechanical equipment by our factory certified technicians. The frequency of service visits and scope of work are all customizable to fit the unique needs of your facility. Whether you are interested in a scheduled service contract or just need annual preventative maintenance on your heaters, give us a call and see why so many operators rely on Aqua Source to keep things running smoothly.

Emergency Repairs

In a perfect world everything works as expected, without disruptions. Any repairs are planned well in advance. Then there are those days that the unforeseeable happens. Your heater won’t fire, your filter backwash is stuck, or the chemical pump is spraying acid all over the concrete. Our industry leading technical staff will have you back up and running in no time. After the repairs are complete and the world is good again, we will provide you with valuable insight on what occurred and how to prevent it in the future. When bad things happen, call the company that so many aquatic professionals throughout California have on speed dial, call Aqua Source

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