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Keep pools safer. Keep them open.

What is CPO® Certification Training?

The Certified Pool & Spa Operator® certification program is recognized nationwide as the leading standard of the swimming pool industry. Participants are trained in the most advanced techniques of chemical treatment, filtration, mechanical system operation and maintenance for keeping pools safer and keeping them open.

This course will help you learn:

Efficient Pool Operations

How to operate a pool more easily and efficiently – saving time and money.

Enhanced Safety Measures

How to reduce chemical, electrical, biological, and physical hazards – protecting users and employees.

Regulatory Compliance

How to comply to key safety regulations – reducing liability and risk of closure.

What will be covered:

  • Pool & Spa Management
  • Regulations & Guidelines
  • Essential Calculations
  • Pool Water Contamination
  • Disinfection
  • Water Balance
  • Pool & Spa Water Problems
  • Chemical Testing
  • Chemical Feed & Control
  • Water Circulation
  • Pool & Spa Filtration
  • Heating & Air Circulation
  • Spa & Therapy Operations
  • Facility Safety
  • Keeping Records
  • Maintenance Systems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Facility Renovation & Design
  • ADA Act
  • Virginia Graeme Backer Act
  • Energy Conservation

What will be provided:

  • CPO® Exam
  • CPO® Certificate
  • CPO® Certification ID Card
  • CPO® Certification Badge
  • CPO® Handbook & study materials
  • Continental Breakfast & Lunch 

Meet your instructor:

Ron Ybarra
Aqua Source, Inc.

Ron Ybarra brings 38 years of experience in various water treatment applications and has taught the Certified Pool Operator® course for the past 20 years. Ron is the co-founder and CEO of Aqua Source Commercial Pool Systems, a leader in the commercial aquatics industry. His passion for bringing real-world problem-solving experience into the classroom and helping his students reach new levels is unsurpassed. A true industry professional that makes the class fun and informative no matter your experience level. “I live for those lightbulb moments in our classroom, when you see that look in students’ faces, you know that you have just gotten through”.


Early Bird Pricing


Los Angeles / Commerce
Price valid through September 18th

Silicon Valley / Fremont
Price valid through October 1st

Inland Empire / Ontario
Price valid through October 15th

Regular Pricing


Los Angeles / Commerce
Price valid after September 19th

Silicon Valley / Fremont
Price valid after October 2nd

Inland Empire / Ontario
Price valid after October 16th

Special Pricing

$25 off per person for groups of 3 or more!


Upcoming courses:


October 18th-19th, 2023


Course Location

To Be Announced



November 1st-2nd, 2023




November 15th-16th, 2023


* Class sizes are limited for enhanced learning and individual attention

What sets our training courses apart from others:

“Number one, I say Ron [sets your courses apart]. Ron being the teacher of that class definitely engaged me to want to learn. I’ve never been a good student myself, always struggled through schools, so even sitting in 5 1/2 hours of traffic on my way back home to Tracy, I was still excited to go back to the classroom the second day… The CPO course has helped me with confidence in knowing that I can figure out anything that’s wrong with the chemicals now that I’ve taken the course.” 

Gerrod Bailey, Tracy Unified High School District

“I had no knowledge of the industry before. The CPO class breaks it down; how to understand water chemistry and what all the different chemicals do for the pool water to feed it, and that’s what a lot of other groups don’t do. So when you leave the [Aqua Source’s] CPO class to go back to your pools, you understand what you’re testing for and what you have to use to balance out your pool water… I’ve heard from other districts that they’ve done CPO in the past and it’s kind of like they get certified, but they don’t come out of the class really understanding what they just got certified for, whereas with the Aqua Source ones, in those two days, you get a crash course on a little bit of everything, and it really helps you understand [how to solve and overcome] obstacles [that pools have from time to time]”.

Israel Goins, San Jose Unified School District

We ensure our course is technically sound, convenient and designed to deliver excellence in education and cutting-edge research.

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