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When we have an emergency response to a chlorinator system, they have the manpower to be able to get to us within one day and get the system checked out and online. They have a great service record with us and are always there to bail us out in a pinch when we need it.

-Chad Conrad, UCLA Spieker Aquatic Center

The Aqua Source team has always been really solid. They’ve helped with a number of emergency situations where we were in a rush for chemical stock and they always had a quick turnaround to get us the product much quicker than other outlets could.

-Chad Conrad, UCLA Spieker Aquatic Center

“If I call Aqua Source before noon I can almost guarantee a tech will be out here within two hours. If not, they would be here the very next day at seven in the morning. What I liked about Aqua Source is when they come out and repair our equipment they go through a step-by-step analysis and explain what caused it.”

– Israel Goins, San Jose Unified School District

“They’ve been great! Their customer service has been on point. If they can’t come out the same day, it’s the next day or two days later. Whenever they say they’re going to be here, they’re here.”

– Rick Faria, East Side Union High School

“The beauty about Aqua Source from what I’ve seen here at San Jose Unified, is we’re able to promote guys from within our district with very little aquatics experience, but the way that they train us and the way that they operate turns us into experts in short order.”

– Israel Goins, San Jose Unified School District

“We’ll have an idea of what to do and they’re very helpful as far as communicating back and forth on what we need,” Faria said. “They even tell us, which is weird because they sell us chlorine, but they’ll even suggest ways to save money on chlorine.”

-Rick Faria, East Side Union High School

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