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XTherm Indirect Pool Heater 1.0/ 1.5/ 2.0

XTherm Indirect Pool Heaters Brochure

  • The Professional Indirect comes with
    our VERSA IC® control system factory
    preprogrammed for indirect pool operation.
  • The touch screen also allows you to monitor the boiler
    status with easy to understand temperatures
  • The Professional Indirect utilizes a highly corrosion resistant cupronickel heat exchanger or can
    be configured with a titanium heat exchanger for the ultimate in corrosion resistance
  • Our engineered boiler pumps ensure proper
    delta T. This means, no setup is required, just
    hook up the water, gas, and electrical and you
    are ready to go!
  • The Condensate Neutralizer keeps your pH
    neutral for disposal (drainage).
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