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Stenner Pumps

Stenner Pumps

Single Head Adjustable Output Pump

With its versatile capabilities, the Classic Single Head Adjustable Output pump is a popular choice for water treatment solutions.

The Single Head Adjustable Output Pump is one of four types in Stenner’s Classic Series. It is an ideal choice for treating problem water. The pump can inject water treatment solutions for pH control or to oxidize iron, hydrogen sulfide or manganese for removal by filtration. Disinfection, pH control or adjustment, corrosion and scale control and oxidation are common water treatment applications found  in the commercial pool industry for sanitizing swimming pool water or maintaining the equipment.

Unique Stenner Features

  • Interchangeable pump heads and tubes to convert one model to another without having to purchase a new pump.
  • Easy and fast tube replacement without tools with the QuickPro®  pump head.
  • The pump is built with three detachable components; the motor, feed rate control and the pump head that can be separated without tools.

Stenner Classic Series – Single Head Adjustable Spec

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