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Aquatic Variable Frequency Drive

The Eco-Flow-C® Aquatic Variable Frequency Drive from H2flow is ideal for the hostile environment of a pool equipment room. Its standard rugged NEMA 12 configuration and Aquatic Controller make it a durable and user-friendly solution for even the most unforgiving commercial pool room environments.


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Key Features & Benefits

  • Rugged 3/4 die cast aluminum body with NEMA 12 construction for durability

  • Aquatic Controller for simple operation yet sophisticated capability

  • Multiple programming options for optimal energy & system efficiency

  • Patented Load Curve Monitoring protects the pump and system from inadvertent events, i.e., power fluctuations, loss of prime, closed suction / discharge valves, dead heading, worn impeller detection, over load, under load conditions

  • I/O capacity for integration with other mechanical room equipment

  • BMS (Building Management System) capable for monitoring and control

  • Optional Bypass Control with integrated Aquatic Controller

  • Live local and national support for prompt assistance if needed

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